Date syrup from Morocco.


100% natural.

Dates are a fruit that grows on palm trees. Cultivated in the Middle East for thousands of years, their sweet qualities continue to delight many gourmets even today. They can be transformed into syrup which serves to replace refined sugar, but also, thanks to their viscosity, as a binder for, for example, breakfast cereals or granolas.


The date syrup has been obtained by an environmentally friendly process, diffusion in hot water (60 ° C), and without the addition of harmful components.

The syrup is prepared from dates cooked in water for one hour and thirty minutes, then filtered to remove the pits and finally pressed to extract a juice.

The extracted juice is concentrated by cooking over low heat until a colored and syrupy liquid is obtained. This is stored at temperatures ranging between 5 ° and 8 °. This meticulous process ensures a premium concentrated date syrup.


It mainly contains sugars including sucrose, glucose and fructose.


Everyone has a sweet tooth, but using too much refined sugar can be harmful to your health. If you are looking for a natural sweetener for all of your favorite treats and foods, try Zayti syrup!

It allows you to sweeten your favorite food while increasing their nutritional value at the same time. Dates are naturally high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber - all the nutrients your body needs to function properly.



Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy while consuming date syrup:


increases energy levels
promotes the regular elimination of bodily waste
relieves constipation

Zayti Date Syrup is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and contains no:


animal by-product
trans fats
refined sugars


PS: Date syrup is used in the same way as maple syrup, to accompany pancakes, waffles, or as a spread.

Satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty about ruining your diet ... try Zayti Date Syrup now!


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100% Natural Pure Date Syrup.