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À propos de Zayti


With Zayti, you have access to a wide selection of 100% natural products of exceptional quality, including our high quality honeys extracted with the greatest respect for the work of bees.

We have selected for you exceptional raw honeys and honeys enriched with the treasures of the hive, to offer you products rich in vitamins and minerals, preserving all their natural qualities.

In addition to our honeys, we also offer spreads in different flavors, as well as culinary and cosmetic oils of exceptional quality.

We are proud to harvest what nature has best to offer you authentic and superior quality products. Dedicated customer service, always on hand to answer your questions and help you make a successful purchase.

Choose quality with Zayti.

Our history

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the heart of a town in Lorraine, there was a family business named Zayti. This company was renowned for its 100% natural products of exceptional quality, in particular for its high quality honeys. Zayti's founders, Noureddine and Vanessa, were passionate about the work of bees and always ensured that honeys were extracted with the utmost respect for these incredible creatures.

Vanessa and Noureddine roamed the forests and fields to select the tastiest raw honeys, as well as honeys enriched with the hidden treasures of the hive. Thanks to their efforts, they were able to offer products rich in vitamins and minerals, which retained all their natural qualities.

Their product line didn't stop at honeys. Zayti also offered a variety of spreads in different flavors, as well as culinary and cosmetic oils of exceptional quality. Residents of the village and surrounding areas were thrilled to experience the wonders of nature through Zayti's products.

Over the years, the family business has continued to grow, but Vanessa and Noureddine have never lost sight of their commitment to quality and authenticity. They have set up dedicated customer service that is always ready to answer customer questions and help them with their purchases.

One day, a foreign customer arrived in the village, looking for natural products for his shop in a distant land. Upon discovering Zayti's treasures, he was so impressed by the quality and variety of the products that he decided to present them to his own clientele.

Through their passion and dedication, Vanessa and Noureddine have managed to share the wonders of nature with people around the world. Thus, Zayti's story has become a legend that inspires future generations to choose quality and respect the gifts of nature.

Our team

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