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🌟Authentic Moroccan Black Soap Enriched with Argan Oil - The Exclusive Ritual for Hammam and Sauna🌟


🌿Kessa, The Beauty Secret of Oriental Women🌿

Associated with black soap for centuries to exfoliate and rid the skin of impurities, the Kessa glove stimulates blood circulation, leaving the skin soft and radiant with health.

Superior Quality Black and Kessa Soap

Our Moroccan Black Soap with organic argan oil is a 100% natural product, vegan and not tested on animals. The scrub glove is made of viscose crepe, a vegetable fiber, and has been made using traditional Moroccan methods.

Support our French Brand by Opting for this Authentic Product!

Black soap is known to be one of the best traditional scrubs. Thanks to its richness in fatty acids, it exfoliates the dead cells of the epidermis without drying it out. It regulates excess sebum, thus cleansing oily skin before applying a nourishing treatment such as argan oil. Used before hair removal, it softens and prepares the skin. Its content of vitamin E and natural carotenoids also makes it an excellent tan enhancer.

🌍Origin: Morocco🌍

Immerse yourself in the very essence of Moroccan beauty with our Black Soap with Argan Oil - the secret to radiant skin for oriental women.

🌟 Authentic Moroccan Black Soap Enriched with Argan Oil

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