A Saffron of exceptional and pure quality:


Crocus sativus. 100% Authentic.

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity, Issued by Dr Denis RONTEIN.


  • Zayti saffron can be stored for 3 to 4 years in its original packaging (protected from light, in an airtight bottle and at room temperature). It will improve over time.

A Saffron cultivated by hand, of a quality guaranteed by the purity of our Saffron pistils, packaged in glass jars. To make sure
the best quality, only the production of the year is offered for sale !!!


Nutritional information:


per 100 g


Calories: 367.65 cal
Protein: 11.43 g
Carbohydrates: 65.37 g
Fat: 5.85 g
Water: 11.9 g


If you are looking for quality saffron, it is of course very important to buy saffron in pistils (filaments). Our production method (artisanal and natural) allows us to offer you a spice of exceptional quality and purity.


Directions for use / dosages


Sweet dish, tea: 1 pistil / person

Savory dish: 2 pistils / person

Paella or mussels: 3 pistils / person

Sauces: 1 to 2 pistils / person

Rice and pasta: 5 pistils for 250g

Desserts: 6 to 8 pistils / liter of milk

Jams: 15 pistils / kg of fruit



What will saffron bring to your kitchen? It will act as a real flavor enhancer, an enhancer of flavors and aromas: your favorite dishes will be "enhanced" or even "sublimated" by saffron, which does not owe any moment to dominate but to serve the ingredients and thus operate in a subtle way ... In addition to the taste qualities it will provide, it will color your dishes with a bright yellow, making your preparations irresistibly appetizing! In addition, saffron, a spice with multiple virtues, is excellent for your health!


Saffron, a fascinating spice 🌺


Alternately used as a tincture, perfume, remedy or seasoning, saffron now sees some of its benefits confirmed by science.


A rare spice, the production of which requires an abundant workforce.


Red gold, queen of spices… There is no lack of superlatives to designate saffron. The spice, produced from the stigmas of Crocus sativus L., a delicate little purple flower, has been known to men for millennia.


150 flowers must be harvested to obtain a single gram of saffron3, the yields are therefore very low.


Powerful vegetable pigment, mixed with milk or egg, saffron turns into paint and is also made into ink. Its extract is used to clean the air in theaters or to perfume hair. Medicinally, saffron becomes a sort of panacea able to cure all ailments, from plague to painful gums, including tumors and bites of wild animals.


It is the very particular aroma of saffron, slightly bitter, with notes of hay and honey, and its very beautiful coloring power that have made it successful in the kitchen. One of the best-known saffron dishes is arguably paella, but traditional kitchens are full of recipes that use 'red gold'.


In Morocco, saffron is used in chicken tagines, pastillas or in pastries.

Beyond the famous risotto alla milanese, there is a plethora of Italian dishes that call for saffron.


The precious spice also adds a scent touch to simple and invigorating dishes such as cannarrozzetti allo zafferano - hollow pasta seasoned with sheep's ricotta, pork cheek, pepper and saffron - or farro alle mandorle e zafferano , a sort of spelled stew with almonds.


Saffron is mentioned very early in medical texts.


Saffron enters into the composition of several Ayurvedic oils, like Kumkumadi Taila, an ancient formulation intended for facial care; internally, mixed with milk, almonds and honey, it is recommended as an aphrodisiac, to strengthen sexual energy and alleviate a reduced number of spermatozoa



Analysis report of our saffron

Our saffron is analyzed by the Anascan laboratory.


This laboratory specializes in the analysis of essential oils and in the production of technical files for the use of essential oils as ingredients in the formulation of cosmetic products.


The ISO 3632 standard on the physicochemical quality of rudders makes it possible to classify dried saffron pistils into three categories according to their strength in flavors, scents and colors, which are evaluated by picrocrocin, safranal and crocin.


Origin Morocco.

So do not wait any longer!


Available in several sizes: 1g / 3g / 5g jars



Natural saffron from Morocco, Crocus Sativus, in pistils. 100% PUR


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