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Honeycomb, Natural, Pure, Fresh straight from the hive, absolutely real product.


A pure delight 😃, with its creamy texture and taste. It's gold in the mouth! And mixed with nuts, it's a pure delight!


Harvest summer 2022.


ABSOLUTELY NATURAL: This is the purest and most natural way to enjoy honey! Our comb honey is made of pure wax. Our products are made without any industrial walls. They are therefore 100% natural.


  • ✅Zayti comb honey is 100% natural and contains no additives such as preservatives, colorings or sweeteners. It is tested for harmful substances and is produced sustainably.
  • ✅NO pesticides * NO herbicides * NO chemicals or pollutants * NO artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives
  • ✅ Zayti is known for its particularly healthy and noble honey. We offer honey in its most natural form.
  • ✅ Ray honey   is a real delight. It has a full-bodied aroma with floral notes and contains flower nectar, pollen and honeydew. This blend creates a very special taste experience. The honeycomb pieces melt in the mouth and intensify the taste. - Difficult to explain, you have to taste it to be convinced.
  • ✅ You can enjoy pure honey or use it to sweeten your desserts or hot drinks.
  • ✅ Please keep the product away from children under 12 months.

The most authentic honeycomb and honey product. Our 100% raw honeycomb is freshly cut from bee hive frames, so you always get honey in its purest, most natural form.



Origin: Turkey


Honeycomb *100% natural 100% without additives * 200g Pure, Fresh

Sales Tax Included
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