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Discover the delicious Medjool Date Spread - a pure indulgence, imbued with quality and benefits for your health. Our precious recipe, made with Medjool dates of incomparable quality, is a true symphony of natural flavors, without added sugar or any other artifice.

Imagine a creamy paste, where each bite transports you to the heart of the oases of the Middle East, where the arid terroir shapes dates of unequaled richness. Our commitment to purity and authenticity shines through in every jar, preserving intact all the nutritional virtues of dates: calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and a plethora of vitamins essential for your well-being.

But our Medjool Date Spread not only delights your taste buds, it also nourishes your body in an exceptional way. Thanks to its richness in fiber and minerals, it helps strengthen your immune system, boost your energy and promote healthy and harmonious digestion.

Immerse yourself in the ancient history of dates, these gems of nature cultivated for millennia in the blessed regions of the Middle East and North Africa. Inspired by this age-old tradition, our Spread embodies excellence and authenticity, bringing together the exquisite flavors of Medjool dates in an elixir of well-being and taste pleasure.

At Zayti, quality is a sacred promise. Each pot of our Spread is the result of a careful selection of the best fresh dates, processed in accordance with the most rigorous standards of control and supervision. So you can savor every moment with complete confidence, knowing that you are tasting only the best that nature has to offer.

Let yourself be seduced by the versatility of our Medjool Date Spread. Whether to sweeten your desserts, enrich your savory dishes, or simply enjoy with a spoon, it is the essential ingredient to enhance all your gourmet moments.

Treat yourself to the luxury of authenticity and well-being with our Medjool Date Spread. An unforgettable taste experience, a journey to the heart of tradition and quality. Order now and let yourself be enchanted by the very essence of Medjool dates.

A Mejhoul date spread, without sugar, without additions and with natural flavors.
Date spread retains all the nutritional properties and minerals of dates:
Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Sodium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Selenium in addition to natural sugar and numerous vitamins: vitamin A, B1, B2 and C.
It is rich in fiber because it is prepared without cooking
-Involved in muscle contraction (contains potassium),
-Reduces stress (contains magnesium),
-Helps fight fatigue (contains iron),
-Strengthens the bone system (contains calcium).
-Facilitates digestion (rich in fiber).

Premium Spread: Medjool Dates, Treasure of Morocco 220g jar

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