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Honey All Flowers, soothes nervous tensions, anxieties, anxiety, stress.

To be taken in the evening in a bowl of milk or a relaxing herbal tea.
This honey is also very pleasant in cosmetics.


- A natural sweetener

- Soothes sore throat

- Moisturize skin and hair
-  Calming for children
- Recommended in cases of insomnia
- Antispasmodic
- Tired


the  Honey all Flowers  is a polyfloral honey whose fragrance and flavors resemble a bouquet of aromatics. Its dark color and liquid texture give it a unique character.

Ideal on a toast for breakfast, or to flavor all kinds of desserts or to prepare a marinade for fish.



This natural product is harvested by  bees  thanks to  nectar  from  flowers  and it feeds the whole  beehive . There are two main types of honey  : honeys  monofloral and polyfloral. The latter come from foraging in an area where several kinds of plants are present. There are therefore as many honeys as there are trees to  flowers . Each variety of honey is distinguished by its color, consistency, taste, and composition.


Honey can be runny or creamy. It depends on the composition of the  nectar  and therefore  flowers  foraged by  bees . Indeed, a liquid honey has a higher fructose content while a more solid honey contains more glucose. Honey is made up of 80% carbohydrates, water, proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This product of the  hive  is a concentrate of nutrients with many benefits for the body.



Use our honey in your culinary preparations, both sweet and savory. You can also enjoy it on slices of toast for breakfast or with hot goat cheese for dinner. Foodies also love to savor it with a teaspoon. Put a spoon of honey in your herbal tea at night. It brings a delicious sweet note and reveals all the aromas of your infusion. You can also use it in cosmetics. Make homemade honey-based scrubs or masks to hydrate your skin or hair.



Honey of all flowers, harvested in Morocco.


Quality and purity controlled in the laboratory. (Cetame).

This honey is cold extracted and potted  in our premises in Lorraine.


Jar capacity: 300g 


ORIGIN: Morocco


All Flowers Honey from Morocco 300g

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