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Discover the light and flowery taste, the creamy and foamy texture, as well as the off-white and pinkish color of our Russian Wild Rose Honey Rose.


100% natural honey is endowed with incredible properties such as its antioxidant effect that rejuvenates the body and accelerates cell regeneration, its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory power, its ability to strengthen and cleanse blood vessels, its sedative, tonic and diuretic effect, as well as its antipyretic action.


Harvested at over 1000m above sea level in the scenic and varied Altai region of Russia, our Wild Rose White Honey is produced from a variety of herbs and plants, including rosehip flower and wild rose. Its fresh and flowery aroma as well as its exquisite and creamy flavor make it a real delight, a flowery candy rather than a simple honey.


This polis-floral honey is recommended to help treat digestive disorders such as liver congestion, pancreatic weakness and duodenal ulcer, high blood pressure, nervousness, spasms, as well as to naturally boost energy and fight against free radicals.


Try our Russian Wild Rose Rose Honey, a 100% natural and Cetam certified honey for incredible health benefits and a unique taste experience.

Russian Wild Rose Rose Honey 100% natural - 300g jar

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