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Discover Turkish Anzer honey from the Rize plateau, considered the strongest honey in the world


Thanks to its unique aroma and low glucose content. This rare honey is produced in Turkey, in a blanket of wild flora unique in the world, home to 450 to 500 kinds of flowers, of which 80 to 90 are endemic to Anzer Ballıköy.


Bees collect honey from these flowers, thus offering world-famous Ballıköy Anzer flower honey, which is considered a cure for all diseases.

Anzer honey is 100% pure and natural with no additives or external sugar. It is processed without heat treatment to preserve its enzymes and pollen, and is analyzed and guaranteed by Ankara Hacettepe University.


Used since the Ottoman Empire, it strengthens immunity, cleans mictopes in the blood thanks to its antibacterial properties, contains vitamin C, calcium and potassium, speeds up metabolism and helps the intestines to work. It prevents hair loss and heals wounds on the skin, while providing protection against fatal diseases such as strokes and heart attacks.


If you want to experience this amazing taste, order now and get worldwide shipping. Please note that diabetics should consult their doctor before using Anzer Honey, and children 0-2 years old are not recommended to consume honey and pollen.


This rare and organic honey is a true treasure of nature, grown without chemical additives or added sugar. Each jar of Anzer honey is processed without heat treatment to preserve all of its exceptional properties.


Net weight: 300g

Origin: Türkiye

Turkish Anzer Honey from the Rize Plateau: Discover the Strongest Honey in the World

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