100% Authentic Moroccan Thyme Honey:

Capacity: 300g


100% pure

Free wooden honey spoon.

The therapeutic virtues of thyme honey have already been explored by many civilizations prior to our own.



A tasty honey with a creamy texture and a golden robe. Harvested by bees from the flowers of Thyme. This nectar is renowned for its unique fragrance, rare with a more acidic pH, rich in copper and boron, cultivated then collected in May, this honey is obtained from the blooms of common thyme.
The benefits of thyme honey are also widely recognized. These properties are said to be due to the presence of phenols present in thyme: thymol and carvacrol, and of flavonoids.



Wound healing, antiseptics, antioxidants, toners, digestive, antifungals


Presented as one of the varieties of honey with the most medicinal properties, thyme honey has an amber color and a very pronounced flavor. One of the properties for which it is recognized is its antiseptic power. Thyme honey is widely used for the prevention of infectious, respiratory and digestive diseases. It is also said to have an invigorating and invigorating effect, which makes it ideal in case of the flu. It is also recognized for its great healing capacities which would be attributable to two antiseptic and antibacterial compounds present in thyme honey, thymol and carvacrol. As its pH is higher than in floral honeys, bacteria proliferate less quickly.



The benefits of honey come from the plant itself known for its medicinal use.

With the first spoonful, you will come across a slightly tart taste which contrasts with the expected sweetness. In short, it is a product with a unique flavor that gourmets will appreciate but it should not be abused because it is very rich in carbohydrates like its peers.


Dark orange or dark golden in color, thyme honey is a honey of very fragrant character, it is characterized by a remarkable length in the mouth. Moroccan thyme honey will tend to crystallize and become creamy. It often has a rather surprising petrochemical smell.


Antiseptic and healing, it is indicated in respiratory or urinary tract conditions. It treats bronchitis, colds, coughs and relieves asthma. Thyme honey can also be used for external uses. Stimulating digestive functions, toning, it facilitates muscle tone and physical recovery.


Ps : Honey is generally considered to be an imperishable product. It is so concentrated in sugar that no germ can grow in it. In addition, if it is protected from humidity, its main enemy, honey will keep without problems for several years, even centuries.

Produced and harvested in Morocco and potted in our premises in Lorraine.


Never have honey come in contact with metal, preferably use a wooden spoon.

100% Pure Moroccan Thyme Honey, 300g jar