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Our Moroccan thyme honey is grown and then collected in May from flowering common thyme, known for its unique, rare fragrance with a more acidic pH, rich in copper and boron. It contains phenols, flavonoids, thymol and carvacrol, which gives it many health benefits.

Moroccan thyme honey is highly recommended for the prevention of infectious, respiratory and digestive diseases, as well as for relieving asthma, treating bronchitis, colds and coughs. It is also indicated in the affections of the respiratory or urinary tracts, and stimulates the digestive functions while being invigorating and facilitating the muscular tone.

Our Moroccan thyme honey is certified by Cetam-Lorraine and presented in a 300g jar. It is harvested in Morocco and potted in our premises in Lorraine. To preserve its quality, avoid putting the honey in contact with metal and prefer to use a wooden spoon.

Try our 100% pure and authentic Moroccan thyme honey to benefit from its multiple therapeutic virtues and its unique flavor. Order now to benefit from its health benefits.

100% pure and authentic Moroccan thyme honey - enjoy its many virtues

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