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Originally from the Socotra archipelago, this honey is among the most expensive in the world due to its rarity. Much less sweet than other honeys, it is an undeniable ally for diabetics due to its extraordinary composition. It also treats digestive and intestinal ailments.


*The wild island of Socotra: a myth…*

Located in the Horn of Africa, Socotra is an archipelago located about 90 km from the coast of Somalia and 360 km from Yemen to which it belongs.
Socotra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site considered by some to be the site of garden of Eden and reputed to be a biodiversity hub in the Arabian Sea. Its name comes from the word “ Sanskrit » which means heaven. The jewel of this extraordinary plant life is the tree named "Dragon Tree of Socotra". umbrella-shaped, with a legendary red sap or umbrella-shaped dragon's blood tree whose resin is used as a dye.

*But what do bees forage?*

The island is known for its flora, more than a third of 800 species of Socotra plants are found nowhere else. The most amazing trees to discover: the cucumber tree, a subspecies of desert rose and the Socotra dragon tree.
As you will have understood, a honey of a rare particularity possessing virtues that no other will have. Bees leave in this arid and prehistoric landscape in search of the nectar of the Myrrh tree, the Acacia Gum tree, the Dragon tree, the Jujube tree and many other flowers in order to design an extraordinary Socotra honey .

*Virtues of Socotra Honey from Yemen*

Socotra honey treats a large number of ailments. Moreover, it has a unique specificity. It is one which is attributed to fight against diabetes and regulate blood sugar.
✅Fights diabetes and regulates blood sugar

✅Strengthens the immune system

✅Improves digestive health

✅Has antioxidant power

✅Has antibacterial properties

✅Facilitates the healing of wounds and burns

✅Acts against respiratory problems

✅ Helps fight ulcers, heart problems


Looking for an extraordinary wild honey?
you will not be disappointed! A honey with dark colors, a black with red reflections emblematic of the dragon tree.
A rock honey, with mainly sweet notes but which will leave its slightly bitter touch of character on your taste buds. That's what makes it so charming!!!

This succulent wild honey comes fromSocotra Island which lies off the coast of Yemen in the Indian Ocean.

Otherwise called an extraterrestrial island completely secluded in the ocean, it has developed its own ecosystem: 307 plants are found nowhere else in the world, such as for example dragon's blood tree which produces a blood red sap, or the bottle tree which has an atypical shape.

Socotra honey is mainly known for one of his many qualities: he has a lower glycemic index than others which makes it interesting for diabetics replacing sugar.

Taste and texture:

Its taste has the particularity of being slightly bitter. It is less sweet than most honeys. As for the texture, it is soft and slightly thick. It has the particularity of being dark in color which makes it easy to recognize. This unique honey deserves to be tasted. 

Benefits of socotra honey:

This honey is very beneficial for diabetics thanks to its low glycemic index, namely: it regulates blood sugar and is ideal as a replacement for sugar. He also has the power to treat intestinal and digestive problemsIt strengthens the immune systemrelieves sore throat and cough


Like all honeys, it is best consumed in the morning on an empty stomach and on a regular basis. Obviously this delicious nectar can be added to a hot or cold drink. If it is a hot liquid, wait until it is lukewarm so as not to alter the qualities of the honey.

This honey can be consumed in the morning for breakfast on your toast for example.


To preserve all the qualities of socotra honey Store it in a dry place at room temperature.


Origin: Yemen 

Socotra honey from Yemen, 300g - The excellence of honey for diabetics

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