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Discover our aromatic fir honey, with scents of resins and a light malty flavor. Harvested in summer, this unique honey rich in trace elements evokes the freshness and purity of forests.


Characteristics of fir honey:


  • Very dark red color, varying by region
  • Very slow crystallization, excellent conservation
  • Pronounced aroma and balsamic taste with a characteristic sweetness
  • Notes of hazelnut, toasted bread and hint of mint

Fir honey is a honeydew honey, a substance secreted by aphids on fir needles, which bees then collect.

Benefits of fir honey:

  • Rich in trace elements (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, etc.)
  • Antiseptic, ideal for minor wounds or cuts
  • Diuretic, aids digestion and prevents constipation
  • Anti-inflammatory, strengthens immune defenses and relieves respiratory conditions


Capacity: 300g

Origin: Germany


Treat yourself to a gustatory journey to the heart of the forests with our woody and malty scented fir honey, and take advantage of its many medicinal properties for natural well-being.

Fir Honey 100% Pure Raw Real Premium Honey 300g Of The Finest Quality

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