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Egyptian Nigella Honey (300 grams) – Raw Product, 100% Natural – “  Habba Sawda  » Monofloral Honey – Strengthens & Boosts Natural Defenses


Capacity: 300g

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   🍯【 AN EXCEPTIONAL HONEY】: Also known as "Habba Sawda", our nigella honey is harvested directly from the heart of the Egyptian mountain ranges. This arid and wild region is particularly conducive to the good development of the nigella flower (also called Black Cumin). Used since Ancient Egypt for its many health benefits, now enjoy all the benefits of this plant in an exceptional honey.

  • 🐝【 MONOFLORAL PRODUCT & 100% ORGANIC 】: Our honey is a monofloral product: it comes only from pollen grains taken from nigella flowers. 100%, without additives or preservatives, we wanted to preserve this honey so that it retains all the natural properties that nigella can offer. Through this unique honey, we highlight all the know-how of Egyptian beekeepers.
  • ✔️【 BOOSTS IMMUNE DEFENSES 】: Used for millennia, nigella is recognized for its many benefits on our immune system. Associated with the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of honey, it is a real superfood that we make available to you. Consumed regularly, this honey will allow you to improve your inner well-being.
  • 🥞【 AN INTENSE & SWEET TASTE 】: Already unanimous among honey lovers thanks to its intense taste and characteristic dark color, nigella honey is a real pleasure for the taste buds. Easy to incorporate into all your recipes (pancakes, pancakes, baklava, sweet and savory sauces, etc.), this honey will allow you to bring a rich and creamy appearance to all your dishes. Let yourself be carried away by the unique aroma of this gourmet and generous honey.
  • 💛【 STORAGE TIPS 】: In order for this honey to retain all its nutritional properties, we recommend that you store it in a dry place, away from light and at room temperature. In order to avoid fermentation and crystallization of the product, a temperature between 15 and 30°C is recommended. Also avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and be sure to close the lid properly after use.



🐝  Place of production and harvest

Our nigella honey is harvested directly from the Egyptian highlands, a favorite place where all the conditions are met so that the nigella flower can develop properly while preserving its unique properties.

We work exclusively with local beekeepers who do not use any fertilizers and/or chemicals on their crops. Our priority is to offer you a raw product as it is available in nature, without any additives or preservatives.

Easily recognizable thanks to its characteristic dark color, nigella honey is a real natural remedy that will allow you to maintain your immune system in good health.


🍯  The benefits of nigella honey

Renowned for its many therapeutic virtues, black cumin honey (or Habba Sawda) stands out for the multitude of benefits it can bring to our body.

→  antioxidant  : Rich in vitamins A, C as well as in flavonoids, black cumin honey has an antioxidant power that slows down the aging of cells.

→  Anti-inflammatory  : Consumed regularly, nigella honey can help soothe inflammation of the throat and/or digestive system. It can also be applied locally thanks to its healing properties.

→  Antibacterial  : Particularly useful in winter to prevent colds and other body irritations, nigella honey helps reduce the proliferation of bacteria in our body.

→  natural aphrodisiac  : The vitamin B present in this honey helps to promote the production as well as the distribution of testosterone in men. This natural aphrodisiac will allow you to quickly regain your vigor and energy.


Origin:  Egypt

Egyptian Nigella Honey (300 grams) – Raw Product, 100% Natural

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