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Discover Manuka Honey MGO 829+ / UMF 20+ from New Zealand - Natural and Active



🌿New Zealand Purity: Our honey is harvested from hives located in the wild and unspoilt regions of New Zealand, ensuring exceptional purity and quality.

🌺UMF 20+ and MGO 829+: Our honey is UMF 20+ and MGO 829+ certified, meaning it is incredibly rich in active compounds that give it its unique health benefits.

🍯Raw and Unprocessed: Our honey is extracted in an artisanal way, thus preserving all its active components, and it is not heated or filtered, guaranteeing an authentic and nutritious taste experience.

💪Health Benefits: Manuka honey is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is ideal for strengthening your immune system, soothing the throat, and improving digestion.

🌟An Inimitable Taste: Our Manuka honey is distinguished by its complex taste and unique floral aroma that evokes the wild beauty of New Zealand.

🌍Environmentally friendly : We are proud to contribute to the preservation of the environment by using sustainable harvesting methods and supporting biodiversity.



  • Manuka Honey - Essential Vitality - Your well-being is important. This high-quality UMF 20+ / MGO 829+ manuka honey is packed with much-needed nutrients and vitality to help you live your best. It's more than just a dietary supplement or skincare product, it's a way to help you improve your well-being. Try it today and find out why people keep coming back for more.
  • Experience Enhanced Well-being with our Manuka Honey UMF 20+ / MGO 829+ - Energy on demand, anytime, anywhere and as easy as a spoonful on the go. Use our honey for its unique wellness properties and apply it directly to the skin to aid recovery.
  • Boost Your Energy - One spoonful daily, delicious in marinades, to sweeten tea and versatile enough to use for topical skin treatment.
  • Pure Monofloral Manuka Honey from New Zealand.


Treat yourself to an exceptional taste experience and health benefits with our New Zealand Manuka Honey. Order today and discover the secret of New Zealand's unspoiled nature in every spoon.

Make our Manuka Honey your daily health ally and savor New Zealand in every bite.


Thank you for trusting us to bring a little New Zealand magic into your life!









Manuka Honey MGO 829+ / UMF 20+ from New Zealand | Active and raw | 300g

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