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Lemon tree honey from Morocco 300g.


Wooden honey spoon offered.


The honeyis a food with many benefits. Healthy and concentrated in active molecules (complex carbohydrates, natural antiseptics), it helps regulate sugar cravings, relieve colds and sore throats and strengthen the immune system. A real alternative to table sugar, this hive product is one of the essentials to have in the kitchen.


Golden yellow in color, with a lemony scent and a fruity and tangy flavor, the lemon tree honeywill make you discover the real taste of honey. In addition to being an excellent ingredient in the kitchen, it is very good for your health. Tasty, fruity and delicately tangy, appreciated as much for its flavors as for its properties. As soon as it opens, you will have the pleasure of smelling the delicious scent of lemon trees in bloom. A precious ally to face the winter and all the evils that accompany it. It has always been known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties which help strengthen the immune system which itself protects us against sore throats and other respiratory problems.

Besides its benefits on the body, you can very well have a more "cosmetic" use thanks to its moisturizing and antibacterial power. On the skin, it will have a healing action and as a hair mask it will repair the hair fiber in depth.


The + product:


. 100% natural
. Slightly fruity and tangy taste
. Very good for health


Tasting advice :


In taste, what we notice first is its great sweetness and its citrus aromas. Added to herbal tea or tea, it will soothe your throat in case of pain, and otherwise it will act as sugar in your drink.

In your various pastry preparations, it will replace classic sugar and give them a unique and subtle taste. In your homemade fruit juices, it will bring a slightly tangy side that will appeal to all gourmets!


Lemon tree honey, a wonderful product that can be used in many ways and will adapt to all your desires and needs!




Lemon tree honey, harvested in Morocco.


Quality and purity controlled in the laboratory. (cetam).

This honey is cold extracted and potted in our premises in Lorraine.


Pot capacity: 300g 


The Super Effective Cough Remedy.


Ingredients for 1 person:


- 20 cl of water

- 1/2 lemon

-1 tbsp lemon tree honey 


How to do :


1. Pour 20 cl of water into a glass. 2. Add the juice of 1/2 lemon. 3. Dilute 1 tablespoon of lemon tree honey. 4. Drink this 2 times a day, between meals. Result And that's it!


With this natural remedy, you have cured your cough :-) Simple, fast and effective! When the cough stops, stop the treatment. Your cough treatment is not only economical, but it is also a completely natural recipe.


ORIGIN: Morocco

Lemon Tree Honey 100% Pure - 300g Jar Collected In Morocco

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