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100% Pure Moroccan Carob Honey, Cold Extracted, for Optimal Health


Carob honey from Morocco is a 100% pure, cold-extracted natural product, known for its exceptional therapeutic properties. It is particularly effective in regulating the intestinal system, relieving diarrhea, constipation, colon irritation and other digestive disorders. Bees gather pollen from the flowers of the ancient carob tree to produce this characterful honey.

Morocco is the world's second largest producer of carobs, the fruit of the carob tree. This honey therefore comes from a superior quality Moroccan region and contains a large quantity of trace elements beneficial to health. Its brown color and its sweet and slightly chocolate taste make it a product that is both tasty and beneficial for the body.

Carob honey is also recommended for diuretic functions and is a natural remedy for urinary tract infections, coughs, bronchitis and angina. Our honey is natural and contains no additives or preservatives, and is packaged in a glass jar for better preservation.

Produced and harvested in Morocco, the honey is potted in our premises in Lorraine for superior quality. Also discover our thistle honey in our Zayti honey series. Opt for our carob honey for optimal health and quality organic benefits.

Origin: Morocco

100% Authentic Carob Honey from Morocco, Cold Extracted 300g

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