Euphorbia Honey: (Daghmous).


Capacity: 300g

Origin of Product: Morocco (Souss-Massa-Draâ)


It is a Honey With a subtle taste, which tingles the tongue and acts by heating in the throat. Its traditional therapeutic virtues are multiple (allergic asthma, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.)

This honey has a pungent flavor, It color ranges from deep dark brown to black. Its taste is particularly strong, bitter and resinous. it is much sought after as a toning, stimulating and warming drug, effective against sore throats and other ailments. It is also recommended against convulsive cough and asthma.


Renowned for its unique medicinal benefits and for the sensation it provides when consumed. Called “daghmous” or “darmous” by Moroccans, the name he gives them means “Cactus” in Arabic in reference to the plant from which it comes.

The composition of Honey:


* 43.2% fructose

* 32.1% glucose

* 17% water

* 1.7% maltose

* Others: 3.5% (Vitamins, trace elements, flavoids, enzymes, pigments ...)

* 1.5% of various sugars *

1% sacharose.

This honey is all the more surprising since it comes from a cactus, a plant which in its natural state is almost elusive with bare hands. This does not prevent the bees from coming to rest on the flowers that grow there to then produce the spurge honey as you know it.


The origin of Daghmous honey


Living in the highlands of the Atlas mountain range in Morocco, the resin spurge plant is distinguished by its appearance (with its prickly ends, it is reminiscent of a cactus) and its yellow spring flowers.

It is sometimes used as a decorative indoor plant, although it contains in itself a component that is irritating to the touch. It indeed contains a material (a kind of latex) which causes intolerance in the skin. This cactoid, which can reach up to 1.50 meters in height, gives small round fruits, and its flowers, particularly pretty, bait the bees, which come to forage in it, to give us at the end of the production process of honey, a surprising result.

The virtues of this honey is quite particular: it is described as very strong. It is said to be useful for the treatment of several problems. It would be active for fertility in women.


But it is especially recommended, by its character and texture, for the treatment of sore throats. In winter or in cold weather when colds and flu multiply, Daghmous honey is also effective in intervening and acting in irritated areas. It also helps people with asthma and allergies in their illnesses.

Have you never tasted this honey? It's never too late to have fun. Discover without delay the sensation of heat that it provides when it is put in the mouth.


In addition to being surprising and original, daghmous honey offers the possibility of treating ailments linked to allergic asthma. But also all those concerning the respiratory tract. Tasting this honey is more than surprising, it is even beneficial for your body.


An original sensation that is worth the detour.


This product is sought after by people with:

- hypertension

- sexual impotence

- infertility diseases

- allergic asthma

- cardiovascular diseases


Ps :

Honey is generally considered to be an imperishable product. It is so concentrated in sugar that no germ can grow in it. In addition, if it is protected from humidity, its main enemy, honey will keep without problems for several years, even centuries.


Produced and harvested in Morocco and potted in our premises in Lorraine.

Free wooden honey spoon.


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Euphorbia Honey - (Daghmous) From Morocco). 100% pure & Natural.