Argan honey from Morocco is a rare and unique honey.

Capacity: 300g

100% Pure & Authentic.

Ideal for soothing sore throats, but also to aid digestion, a very rare honey with a sweet, light and refined taste. Fights cholesterol and hypertension problems with a spoonful every morning on an empty stomach.

Honey spoon offered.





Argan honey from Morocco is pure honey of great rarity.

And for good reason: produced from the foraging of the flowers of the Argan tree, this tree is found exclusively in Morocco, especially in the Souss region (southwest of the country), thus developing in arid and semi-arid zones. . The argan trees are then located between the cities of Agadir, Essaouira, Tiznit, Sidi Ifni, Guelmim and Taroudant.


Its little nutty and sweet taste will delight lovers of good honey as well as gourmets.
It is used to calm sore throats, but is also an excellent ingredient in cooking.

From its fruit, argan, results a wonderful oil known worldwide, cosmetic or food. And from its flowers an exceptional honey with a refined taste.


Our Argan Honey comes from Moroccan cooperatives.




Argan honey from Zayti is first and foremost a RARE natural product.

Its unique taste, slightly similar to hazelnut, on a slightly woody background make it a quality honey.


Recommended for:

  • Sore throat ,
  • Digestive problems , among others ...

Use :

2 times a day, consume the equivalent of 2 tbsp.

On your toast in the morning, and in the evening in a natural infusion for example.



Contraindicated in people allergic or sensitive to products from the hive.


This food which seduces by its natural side but also for its ability to be applied on the most fragile skin.

Honey for your face

100% natural, honey has moisturizing and softening properties for the face.

Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids, it is attributed regenerating powers and is therefore used to naturally fight against skin aging, whether the skin is dry or oily.

An anti-wrinkle treatment that revives the radiance of the face and brings an invigorated complexion.

For the face, honey is particularly recommended for tired or dry skin.

Another essential treatment, the mask and the face scrub.

Honey is an excellent treatment for chapped and damaged lips.

He nourishes them and protects them.

Honey for the body


Ally for dry skin, honey works wonders on the body.



In pure use, it is applied to the driest areas, left to act for half an hour and then rinsed. Efficiency on heels, elbows and knees!

To enjoy these benefits on the rest of the body, dilute it in bath water. Your skin will be very soft and well nourished.

The honey scrub is a perfect exfoliant and purifier, especially in synergy with sugar.

Health side, it is an outstanding healing. Have the honey reflex for all wounds or injuries!

Honey for hair

A real asset for dry and split hair, honey masks deeply nourish the scalp and hair.

To take care of your hair in a natural way. This regenerates the superficial layers of the scalp, smoothes, shines the hair and prevents the formation of dandruff.


To apply a honey mask, make sure your hair is damp and then apply the honey all over the hair, from roots to ends. Then wrap your hair in cellophane paper and leave on for half an hour before rinsing.


To use honey as a lotion before shampooing, it must be diluted with vegetable oil and then melted in a double boiler before applying it to the hair for a good hour. Then wash as usual.


Our honey is harvested in the traditional way. After its conditioning, honey can crystallize, it is a natural phenomenon which guarantees its quality. It does not contain additives or preservatives.


It is of course packaged in a glass jar for better conservation.


Ps : Honey is generally considered to be an imperishable product. It is so concentrated in sugar that no germ can grow in it. In addition, if it is protected from humidity, its main enemy, honey will keep without problems for several years, even centuries.

Produced and harvested in Morocco and potted in our premises in Lorraine.

Never have honey come in contact with metal, preferably use a wooden spoon.


Origin: Morocco


Moroccan Argan Honey 300g