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Discover almond tree honey, a 100% natural honey of exceptional quality! Harvested in the region of Alicante in Spain, this delicious honey has a discreet and slightly woody smell, which contrasts with its fruity taste.

This rare nectar is a real treasure of sweetness. It brings a delicate aroma to your preparations and desserts, as well as to your infusions. You can also add it to your yogurts.

Our partner beekeepers harvest this delicious nectar directly after the almond blossoms bloom, in the purest beekeeping tradition. In order to guarantee its purity and taste quality, this honey is analyzed by the Zayti teams before it is marketed.

This honey is cold extracted in Spain, then potted in our Zayti honey house, in the heart of Lorraine in France. To preserve all its flavors, we advise you to keep it at room temperature, away from light.

By buying a jar of honey, you support beekeeping and the preservation of bees: 1% of profits are donated to this cause.

Treat yourself to a unique tasting with this superior quality almond tree honey!

Origin: Spain

Almond honey - Premium quality 100% natural honey in a 300g jar.

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