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Discover our 100% natural acacia honey, harvested by our beekeeper in the Brandenburg region, in North-East Germany.


This monofloral honey is sweet, with delicate floral flavors and a light buttery taste. It is also rich in fructose, glucose, mineral salts, vitamins and amino acids, and has therapeutic virtues such as soothing pain and regulating intestinal functioning.


Our acacia honey is particularly appreciated by children and babies, but also by mild diabetics and athletes thanks to its low glucose content and its natural energizing effect. You can use it in drinks, desserts and other dishes, or simply take a teaspoon each morning in warm water, tea or milk. And thanks to its melting and smooth texture, our acacia honey keeps perfectly well at room temperature, away from light.


Originally from Germany, our acacia honey is harvested just after the tree of the same name has blossomed, which was first introduced to Europe in Berlin in 1672.


Enjoy the sweetness of our acacia honey for your favorite dishes and for its health benefits.

Acacia honey from Germany 100% natural, without additives or preservatives

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