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Discover raw Buckwheat honey, a 100% natural and unpasteurized honey, harvested in the heart of the Orléans State Forest in the Center Val-de-Loire region according to traditional beekeeping know-how. This creamy honey with a beautiful dark color offers a pronounced taste with notes of gourmet coffee.

Buckwheat honey is an excellent source of energy, rich in minerals, enzymes and vitamins. It's also great for people who want to eat less candy because it's 100% natural, unmixed, and has no added sugar.

Our buckwheat honey is produced with care and ethically responsible, using only traditional and environmentally friendly methods. It crystallizes naturally, forming a firm, fondant-like texture made up of fine crystals, but still remains spreadable.

Buckwheat honey from France is a honey of character with notes of liquorice and toasted cereals on the palate. Its dense and creamy texture makes it a perfect ingredient for your favorite recipes.

For us, quality, traceability and safeguarding beekeeping heritage are our priorities. We maintain a direct and trusting relationship with our beekeepers and promote beekeeping that respects the environment and consumers. We also support the SumOfUs association for the protection of bees and other wild pollinating insects.

Try our raw Buckwheat honey from France for a unique and health-boosting taste experience.

Origin: France

Raw Buckwheat Honey 100% Natural and Unpasteurized - Origin France 300g

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