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Discover Niaouli Honey, harvested in the Manakara region, in the south-east of Madagascar, in areas guaranteed to be pesticide-free. Zayti has selected for you this natural honey with a thousand virtues, characterized by its exotic flavors combining coffee, lemongrass, mango and vanilla. It is undoubtedly one of the most surprising and powerful honeys in the world.

Niaouli Honey has a golden color and a liquid texture that will be an excellent ally in cooking or in cosmetics. Its taste of salted butter caramel will appeal to honey lovers with a strong character. It is ideal to accompany a slice of wholemeal bread or to associate with an infusion in winter. Antibacterial, antiviral and very effective in case of cough, cold and flu, this honey will quickly become your ally for a serene winter.

The niaouli is a very widespread tree species in Madagascar. Its properties and virtues make the reputation of niaouli. Each part of the tree can be used to obtain essential oils, perfume or even honey. Niaouli Honey is a natural honey with a thousand virtues which has the particularity of crystallizing naturally.

Be careful, do not use your microwave oven as this will cause it to lose all its vitamins. In addition, heating honey to a temperature above 40 degrees causes it to lose quality.

USE: In the morning, a simple spoon delights our taste buds, it replaces sugar in our cakes and biscuits, but also enhances our meats and cheeses. Crystallization of the honey may appear. This natural phenomenon varies according to the origin of the foraged plant and evolves over time according to the glucose and fructose composition of the honey.

Treat yourself to a unique taste experience with Niaouli Organic Honey, a superior quality honey carefully selected by Zayti.

Organic Niaouli Honey - Premium Real - 300g - Collected in Madagascar.

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