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Treat yourself to a unique taste journey with our precious Wild Hazelnut Honey. Elegantly sweet, it comes from the generous wild nature and offers a sweet flavor that awakens the taste buds. Its refined and timeless character is ideal for the most demanding gourmets, while its flowery fragrance adds a deliciously sweet note to your favorite recipes.


Taste sophistication through our exceptional, directly harvested from the mystical island of Chiloé. With its magnificent amber hue and harmonious crystallization that turns light brown, it is a caress for the palate. Its smooth and creamy texture leaves a sweet memory of grilled hazelnuts, seducing even the finest gourmets.


The secret of its charm lies in its rarity.

Our Honey from Avellano is the result of a harvest carried out in exceptional conditions, the fruit of a dense but scattered flowering of wild hazel. Thanks to an ingenious strategy of placing our sedentary hives near these trees, we capture this rare and precious nectar for your pleasure.

Each spoonful of this superior honey takes you on an unforgettable taste journey. Treat yourself to the privilege of an extraordinary tasting, and experience nature in its purest state with our Wild Hazelnut Honey.

Immerse yourself in this taste treasure and add this honey to your cart today! You will not be disappointed.


                                    Savor the incomparable, savor Hazelnut Honey.


Origin: Chile


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