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🍯 Honey from Ulmo: Incomparable taste, improved health. Seize the opportunity to experience the purity of nature. 🍯


Certainly the best known honey in this part of the world and the most sought after.
The Ulmo (Eucryphia Cordifolia) is an evergreen tree in the family that can reach up to 40m in height and two meters in diameter.


Its geographical distribution starts in latitude at the height of the Bio-Bio Region (City of Concepción) and descends beyond the island of Chiloé.

Did you know that honey is not only sweet, but can also be the key to robust health? If you're looking for a natural product to boost your well-being, look no further. A hidden gem of nature, a honey with a history as rich as its taste.Produced in the unspoilt regions of southern Chile, Ulmo Honey is harvested from the flowers of the Ulmo tree. This variety of honey is distinguished by its delicate floral aroma, its sweet and persistent flavor with a slight touch of vanilla.

But that's not all, this honey is recognized for its extraordinary antibacterial properties, making it a true wonder of nature. It's not just about honey, it's about a culinary journey that takes you through the virgin forests of Chile.

Perfect to accompany your breakfasts, enrich your favorite recipes or simply to savor with a spoon, Miel d'Ulmo is an experience you will not forget. Order now and let Miel d'Ulmo revive your palate and strengthen your health. For those who are passionate about nature, who respect the environment and who value quality, it is more than a product, it is an affirmation of who we are.
Its white flowers, two to three centimeters in diameter, offer dense and intense flowering in January and February.

Its pollination is mainly carried out by bees.


An exceptional honey by the strength of its floral notes of anise (and perhaps also fennel) which are found in its smell but also its powerful and long aroma in the mouth.
Ulmo honey is light in color, liquid at first but crystallizing quickly to give a light yellow and opaque color.


Origin: Chilean Patagonia

Ulmo honey from chilean patagonia (nicknamed south american manuka) 300g

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