Prickly pear seed oil, 100% natural & Pure, preservative-free, fragrance-free.

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It is necessary to use it daily to benefit from these benefits on the skin.
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Opuntia ficus indica or Opuntia vulgaris

Part used: seed (first cold pressing)


This product is certified organic by (Ecocert) .


A real treasure of nature. Precious and rare, prickly pear seed oil requires nearly a ton of fruit to produce a liter. Not to be confused with the oily macerate of prickly pear flowers.

The prickly pear seed oil comes from the first cold pressing of the seeds of fruits picked by hand, at the gates of Sous-Massa-Deraà.

A generous and natural source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, sterols and vitamin E in incomparable quantities, the oil effectively protects, hydrates and nourishes the skin. Its richness in linoleic acid makes it a mine of excellence against skin dryness, an ultra-effective anti-aging restructuring and a powerful natural revitalizer. Thus, you offer your skin the quintessence of a fruit nourished in a land of sun and light. Its action is also particularly effective on fine lines of the face and décolleté, and is also exceptional around the eyes, but also nourishes and strengthens hair and nails.

Prickly pear seed oil is a powerful anti-wrinkle oil and an excellent eye contour. Remarkable tensor of the skin, it is a real makeover and its effects are visible in just a few weeks.




100% natural, Biorgane prickly pear oil is suitable for all skin types: oily, dry or combination. In addition, the latter even knows how to be useful at any age: it is a family product.

Due to its rather thick texture, organic prickly pear oil is preferably used in the evening on small areas (pigmented spots of aging, stretch marks, scars, old traces of pimples…). For an anti-aging effect, you can apply organic prickly pear oil daily in the form of circular massages.
Result: The skin is plumped, dark circles and fine lines are reduced. The oil reduces stains, stretch marks and unsightly marks on your skin. In other words, it protects you from daily external aggressions.


Z ayti organic prickly pear oil is an excellent complement to Argan Oil that will then be used in the morning, instead of its day cream.


It is enough to apply a few drops on the face then to massage delicately in circular motions.

You can also use it to facilitate healing.




It can be used on all parts of the body in massage oil.

- To prevent sagging skin , it can be applied to the bust and in particular the chest, neck and arms: a few circular massages with this oil will restore their firmness.


Sensitive areas like the eye area can also benefit from prickly pear oil in the form of concealer : a drop on the fingertips is enough to pat and massage in small circles from the outer corners of the eye towards internal corners. Dark circles and fine lines are then visibly reduced.


The hair will appreciate that we apply a few drops of prickly pear oil, both on the lengths and on the scalp, because it has sebum-regulating properties .

The trick: For those who do not want to apply pure oil on their skin, you can mix a few drops in your day cream or in your shampoo.




100% natural oil
Produced in Morocco
Not tested on animals
Cold pressed
Extra Virgin Quality
No artificial colors
Without synthetic fragrances
Without additives
GMO free
100% natural - 100% organic

Advice :

It is necessary to use it daily to benefit from these benefits on the skin.

Facial treatment: use the pipette and apply a few drops to the face, neck and décolleté every evening on clean skin. Gently massage in upward circular motions.

Hair Care: apply 10 drops to all of your hair, leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes (30 minutes to an hour for dry hair) then wash your hair. Zayti Aknari Oil will bring suppleness and shine to your hair.

Nail care: apply a drop to each nail in circular motions, our miraculous oil will treat fragile nails and you will get strong and smooth nails.


A 100% Pure, 100% ORGANIC Oil ....


Origin: Morocco



Prickly pear seed oil, Certified (organic) by Ecosert 50 ml