Carrot oil for dry and sensitive skin.


Capacity: 50ml


Carrots are eaten all over the world. It is now used as a cosmetic active ingredient thanks to its benefits observed on the skin.Our oil has been macerated from dried daucus carota roots, cultivated and harvested in Morocco, in organic sunflower oil.

According to our grandmothers, eating carrots would make you look good. And this is not a legend, it is a very good circulatory and anti-oxidant oil, rich in provitamin A to give pep to our skin! It is a bit like the red clay of vegetable oils, allowing to revive dull and tired skin and to soften the skin.


Carrot oil is rightly considered a universal skincare product and can be used to treat any type of facial skin. Gives a subtle tanning effect. Carotene oil is also a staple in scalp and hair care. Carrot oil is used: for all skin types, for a subtle tanning effect, for skin care after waxing, for hair and scalp care.

CIP: 6052513


Description :


Zayti carrot oil is recognized for its softening and toning properties.
It is particularly recommended for dry and sensitive skin.
It also has restructuring and regenerating properties ideal for mature skin.

Carrot oil is also rich in Provitamin A. It gives the skin a beautiful natural tanned complexion.



100% pure carrot oil.


Usage tips :


Ideal on sunny days on the face and neck.
To be used in addition to sun protection.

This product is not a sun protector. Protection index: 0.




helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, daucus carota sativa (carrot) root extract.

Carrot macerate has no particular contraindication and can be used by everyone. However, used in combination with other natural products


Conditioning :


50ml bottle.

Preferably store in a well full and closed container, away from air and humidity, in a place at a stable and moderate temperature.




Dermal application only.
Do not ingest.
Do not apply to open wounds.
For use in pregnant or breastfeeding women, seek medical advice.
No particular contraindication in terms of dermal dosage.


Origin: Morocco

100% Pure Carrot Vegetable Oil