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A gourmet and beneficial pleasure for your throat and your health!


The nigella seed is nicknamed (habba sawda), the seed blessed for its virtues shared for centuries. The black seed in confectionery is a pleasant pleasure to soothe the throat.


Savor the irresistible combination of honey, eucalyptus and Nigella seed in our 150g gourmet sweets. These natural sweets not only give you a unique taste experience, but also benefits your throat and overall health. Ideal for young and old, these treats are to be enjoyed without moderation!


  • A tasty and original combination


Our honey, eucalyptus and Nigella seed candies are the result of a carefully developed recipe to combine these three natural ingredients with remarkable properties.


Honey, with its softening properties, provides incomparable sweetness, while eucalyptus and Nigella seed add a touch of freshness and exoticism for a unique taste experience.


Our honey, eucalyptus and Nigella seed candies are carefully made from quality ingredients selected for their exceptional properties. This tasty blend of honey, eucalyptus and Nigella seed offers you a unique taste experience and real comfort for your throat.


Honey, rich in vitamins and minerals, is known for its antiseizure properties.

Honey, eucalyptus and nigella seed candies 150g

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