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Amlou, Moroccan almond spread  : a healthy and revitalizing delicacy for gourmets.


Succumb to the exquisite and irresistible flavor of our Amlou spread. Made with a tasty blend of roasted almonds, orange blossom honey and argan oil, this Moroccan delicacy will delight your taste buds.


Versatile, it blends perfectly into your smoothies, and can also be eaten as a coulis on a creamy ice cream.


Celebrated for centuries by the Berbers of Morocco for its captivating taste and its beneficial properties, Amlou is a dense and nutritious source of energy, rich in vitamins E, antioxidants, omega 9 and 6, and proteins.


Treat yourself to a moment of pure gustatory pleasure with this gourmet and healthy paste, ideal for recharging your batteries for breakfast or after a meal, accompanied by a tea. Appreciated in pastry and recognized as a renowned aphrodisiac, Amlou is a real invitation to sensory escape.


Don't wait any longer to discover our 100% pure and natural argan and almond Amlou, available in a 300g jar.


Made in France with passion and know-how.

100% Pure & Natural Almond Amlou - Moroccan Spread.

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