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Himalayan Pink Salt (500g) - Premium fine pink crystal salt from the Khewra Salt Mines, Punjab, Pakistan. A 100% natural and versatile product for daily use.


🌟 AUTHENTIC HIMALAYAN SALT: Our pink crystal salt comes from the famous Khewra Salt Mines in Punjab, Pakistan - a rich and historic source of salt dating back 250 million years.

🍃 NATURAL PURITY: Unprocessed, unrefined and non-iodized, our pink salt is harvested by hand and carefully sun-dried to retain its beneficial properties.

🏠 EVERYDAY USES: The benefits and varied applications of pink Himalayan salt are widely recognized, making it indispensable in everyday cooking. 🍴 VERSATILE USE: Ideal for gourmet cooking and home use, our Himalayan salt can replace traditional table salt in almost any recipe, including creative desserts like salted caramel.

🔒 CONVENIENT PACKAGING: Our resealable pouch preserves the freshness and aroma of pink Himalayan salt, ensuring its quality every time.

🌍 Origin: Pakistan

Himalayan Pink Salt, Pink Crystal Salt, Premium Quality.

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