100% natural (organic) hot pepper powder.

the spiciness is medium.

Cayenne pepper is the powder obtained by grinding ripe, sun-dried fruit. With its intense and spicy flavor, Cayenne pepper is the perfect spice to subtly enhance your dishes.

Harvested with the sole objective that it retains all its quality and properties for your greatest pleasure!

In cooking, it gives dishes a strong flavor, a little bitter and above all very spicy.

Ideal for all your recipes, especially meats, planchas, fish, salads, omelets and all your hot and cold dishes!

The taste of Morocco!

Health claims:

Commission E recommends cayenne pepper externally to relieve muscle pain in parts of the shoulder, arms and spine in adults and children of school age.


The pepper plant belongs to the Solanaceae family (which also includes potatoes and eggplant) and the genus Capsicum.

There are about 50 varieties that form two major groups: sweet, like peppers, and hot.

This cayenne pepper will become an essential in your kitchen. It is relatively tangy medium, having a value between 30,000 and 50,000 on a Scoville scale.



Cayenne pepper. From organic farming.

100% natural spicy Cayenne pepper powder (BIO)