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Elevate your space with the natural glow of our Pickled Mango Wood Trinket Tray, featuring a unique Fatima Hand design. More than an accessory, this tray is a symbol of elegance, perfectly combining functionality and aesthetics.


With its optimal dimensions (22 x 30 x 4 cm), our tray is the ideal case for various essentials - keys, telephones, jewellery, change, or small gadgets.


It keeps your belongings in impeccable order, and always within reach, for an immaculate and well-organized living space.

This tray is carved from pickled mango wood, giving it a naturally warm look and sturdy texture. It features the design of the Hand of Fatima (Hamsa), a symbol of protection revered across cultures, infusing your decor with a hint of exoticism and history.


Perfect for a hallway, office, or bedroom, our storage tray is a chic and functional storage solution for your everyday life. It is also the ideal gift for all occasions.

Seize the opportunity to sublimate and organize your space with distinction. Acquire the Empty-Pocket Tray in Pickled Mango Wood, Design Hamsa Main de Fatma today!"


Origin: Morocco

"Pocket Tray in Pickled Mango Wood, Hamsa Hand of Fatma Design

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