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Intensity: ●●●●●●○○○○

Flavours: Explosion of fruity and citrus flavors on the finish

Texture: Creamy and thick


Guaranteed quality: Our honeys are rigorously analyzed to offer you optimal quality.


Ingredients :


  • Mokarana honey, harvested in the region of Anosy, Madagascar
  • Capacity: 300g

Discover Mokarana honey, an endemic treasure of southern Madagascar:

The mokarana, a majestic tree that can reach 6 meters in height, is an endemic plant of the Anosy region.


Its buds hidden under large leaves attract bees, giving rise to this exceptional honey.


Treat yourself to a unique taste experience with this creamy and fragrant honey, reminiscent of apricot. Its sweet and delicate flavor, as well as its fruity notes, make it a delight for breakfast.


Composition: Mokarana honey, from organic farming.


Origin: Madagascar


Mokarana honey from Madagascar: A unique and bewitching taste experience

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