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Add a taste of Alaska to your cooking with our delicious Alaskan Honey, sourced from the pristine meadows of subalpine willowherb. This full-bodied, warm honey contains a wide variety of Alaskan wildflowers, ranging from clover and geranium to wild rose and yarrow.

Our Alaskan honey is harvested during two short months of intense summer, when bees forage for a wide variety of native flowers to produce this unique honey. It is described as a "delicious" honey with floral, full-bodied, pungent, complex and butterscotch tasting notes.

Use it as a sweetener in baked goods, on oatmeal, muffins, or as a featured topping on sweet and savory delights. It pairs well with just about anything!

Our customers constantly tell us that it is "the best honey they have ever tasted". With cake batter tasting notes, slightly fruity, delicately lingering, lightly buttery finish and a golden color, this really is a lovely honey.

Note that your honey may arrive crystallized, a natural form of raw honey. Experience Alaska's golden summer in a jar with our premium Alaskan Honey.


Origin: Alaska

Alaskan Mountain Honey, a taste of Alaska in your kitchen, 300g

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