Lot of nine Mini jars of Honey ( samples ) from Morocco.

Content: 140g Each jar.

(Sold by 9 units).

Nice gift idea to discover or make discover the diversity of our honeys!

Creamy or liquid, powerful or fine and delicate aromas: the palette of flavors from nature.

Finally, here is the discovery box that you were waiting for, for yourself or for your loved ones, To allow you to discover or to make discover! the box is composed of the following honeys:

Thyme honey

Thistle Honey

Carob honey

Fenouille honey

Orange Honey

Euphorbia honey

Jujube honey

Argan honey

Eucalyptuse honey

An Invitation to travel to the heart of the Atlas Mountains.

A perfect gift to offer during your parties, meals, weddings, baptisms ...

Honey of Moroccan origin.

In addition to the pleasure of taste, our honeys are recognized for their healing properties,

for their qualities and for their 100% artisanal manufacturing.

Ps : Honey is generally considered to be an imperishable product. It is so concentrated in sugar that no germ can grow in it. In addition, if it is protected from humidity, its main enemy, honey will keep without problems for several years, even centuries.

Produced and harvested in Morocco and potted in our premises in Lorraine.

Packaged in a glass jar, for better conservation.

Certified by (Cetam-Lorraine).

Warning !

If you want to keep all the qualities of honey, you must not exceed 40 ° C.

These virtues are given for information only, they will never replace a medical consultation.

It does not contain additives or preservatives.

Origin: Morocco


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Lot of nine Mini jars of Honey (samples) from Morocco.