" Tablouhte "

The extra virgin olive oil Par excellence. 100% pure


Extra virgin olive oil 500 ml

Store in a dry place at room temperature away from light.

It is thanks to ancestral know-how, perfected using modern tools, that this olive oil presents this magnificent golden yellow color.


In the heart of the village of TAGANTE 35km from Goulimine in the region of bouizakarne, in the south of MOROCCO, Far from the diversity of superstructures.
In A small family farm, you find this extraordinary oil that we nickname (TBLOUHTE), a real Moroccan treasure.
What makes it special and delicious is the way it is produced.
Quite different from other kinds of olive oils, Indeed when the classic way of production, is to let the fruits ferment before grinding them
, the olives (Tablouhte) are not picked (manually) until they are fully ripe.
Then they are ground and pressed the same day.
And today, Zayti is very proud to be able to share this exceptional product with you this magnificent and unique olive oil, with an incredible taste.

Olive oil (Tablouhte) is different from anything you have tasted before, rare and precious, its production is limited.


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Available in: 500ml / 50CL


Origin: (Morocco)

The ultimate golden extra virgin olive oil. 500 ml