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Discover Natural Tranquility with our Organic Chamomile Infusion


Immerse yourself in a soothing experience with our Organic Chamomile Infusion, specially designed to offer you restful nights of sleep and harmonious digestion. Each box contains 30 tea bags filled with the purity of wild German chamomile flowers, grown organically for a natural and healing infusion.


  • ☀️ ORGANIC CHAMOMILE TISANE - Our dried Chamomile flowers are certified organic: they were grown under the sun, without using chemicals to respect Nature and your health
  • 🌼 CHAMOMILE IN BAGS - 30 pyramid-shaped tea bags - biodegradable nylon - 1.7g chamomile flowers / pyramid: ideal for a 250 mL cup
  • 🌼 PREMIUM QUALITY - We have carefully selected German Chamomile flowers, also called Camomile Chamomile or Wild Chamomile, for their properties and their taste quality. It develops a sweet and flowery flavor, evolving with notes of honey.
  • 😴 SOOTHING and DIGESTIVE - Chamomile infusion is traditionally drunk to sleep well and have quality sleep. It is also known for digestive disorders such as bloating, and against painful periods.
  • 🌼 TO (RE)DISCOVER! - Often associated with our grandmothers' herbal teas, Chamomile turns out to be a precious ally with a sweet and subtle taste, so pleasant that it is enough in itself!


Transform your moments of relaxation into rituals of well-being with our Organic Chamomile Infusion. A cup before bed will take you on a leisurely journey to peaceful sleep, while an infusion after meals will naturally soothe your stomach.

Reconnect with nature with every sip. Order your box of Organic Chamomile Infusion today and let wild chamomile guide you towards optimal inner balance. For sweet nights and harmonious days, choose the simplicity and purity of organic chamomile.


ORGANIC CHAMOMILE INFUSION - 30 tea bags | Infusion, Herbal tea

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