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Moroccan cucumber seed vegetable oil 50ml


Discover our 100% pure and natural cucumber seed vegetable oil, obtained by cold pressing cucumber seeds from Morocco. Rich in linoleic acid and vitamins B1, C and E, this light oil hydrates and softens the skin while smoothing its surface and improving its elasticity. It is also beneficial for the hair, making it naturally curly, wavy and frizzy, and for strengthening soft nails.


Our cucumber oil is an invigorating treatment for the eye contour, cooling and soothing, thanks to its mineral-rich properties. It does not leave a greasy film and is suitable for all skin types.

Used in anti-aging care, cucumber oil fights against tired skin, refreshes and brightens the complexion, heals and tightens pores, and heals brittle nails. It is suitable for all skin types, especially mature, dry, oily, combination and dull skin.

Finally, our cucumber oil is obtained without any chemical treatment, which guarantees its superior quality. It can be used pure or mixed with essential oils or other vegetable oils in local application. For optimal use, apply it in the evening on the skin or hair.


Treat your skin and hair to natural, moisturizing care with our cucumber seed vegetable oil from Morocco.


Vegetable oil from cucumber seeds 100% PURE

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