PRICKLY PEAR OIL + ARGAN OIL-Double Serum-Anti-Aging 50ML.

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Double Serum-Anti-Aging (organic) 50ML Cirtifier, (Ecocert) (Aknari) oil) + (Argan oil):

It is necessary to use it daily to benefit from these benefits on the skin.


100% pure 100% natural, preservative-free, fragrance-free.

A v éritable treasure of nature. Precious and rare, a generous and natural source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, sterols and vitamin E in incomparable quantities, the oil effectively protects, hydrates and nourishes the skin. Its richness in linoleic acid makes it a mine of excellence against skin dryness, an ultra-effective anti-aging restructuring and a powerful natural conditioner.


100% natural oil

Not tested on animals
Cold pressed
Extra Virgin Quality
No artificial colors
Without synthetic fragrances
Without additives
GMO free
100% natural - 100% organic
Advice :

Its high vitamin E content helps fight against free radicals.

It is necessary to use it daily to benefit from these benefits on the skin.


100% PURE Cosmetic ARGAN OIL 50 ml certified (BIO) by (Ecocert).


Nourishing and anti-oxidant, argan oil is the ally of dry skin. It protects and repairs the skin from external aggressions.




Hair,, Mature skin, Dry skin, Care and Conditioner, Face care, nails ...


The organic argan oil comes Zayti the Moroccan coast in the Agadir region. The argan tree delivers an oil known for centuries for its extraordinary nourishing, repairing and protective properties.

Exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids and sterols , this organic vegetable oil promotes cell cohesion for firmer and more plump skin. It also helps to maintain an optimal level of hydration for the skin which is protected, soothed and intensely nourished.

Also recognized for its regenerating and revitalizing properties, organic argan oil is an ideal treatment to fight against skin aging.

INCI name: Argania spinosa oil

Appearance: liquid

Yellow color

Odor: Strong nutty odor

Its high vitamin E content helps fight free radicals. Anti-wrinkle tests show -16% of total wrinkle surface and -9% of wrinkle length (in daily application).



Package contents :

argan oil: 50 ml

prickly pear oil: 50 ml0

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Duo Pack: Organic prickly pear seed oil + Organic argan oil 50 ml x 2