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Extra virgin olive oil - First cold pressing . 500 ml


(100% pure, natural, cold pressed, extra virgin).


The highest quality pure olive juice. .



Green fruity oil. Slightly pronounced bitterness.


Ideal for decorating meats, vegetables and raw vegetables. It is a touch of sun that perfumes your dishes.


100% Moroccan extra virgin olive oil.


A crop without fertilizers or chemical synthetic pesticides: the final product therefore does not contain any residues of these substances.

Thanks to this, premium grade extra virgin oil is a high quality food that respects the environment.

Selected with care, our olive oils are all characterized by their finesse, authenticity and excellence.


This olive oil is incredible, it has a unique flavor, Sweet and fragrant, it immediately seduces the palate at the simple tasting with just a little bread.

It is made using traditional methods which require a fermentation phase of the olives under very specific conditions.


A real delight with fresh cheese, goat cheese, mozzarella. Ideal for flavoring a back of cod on your salad, and to spice up raw vegetables or other ...



Today, the impressive properties of cold pressed olive oil are widely known in the health sector, but also to the general public. Before 1958, this “good fat” with a unique taste remained the well-kept secret of the Mediterranean people.



With an exquisite aroma and taste, Olive Oil (Zayti) is a very balanced and harmonious oil.


Available in bottle of: 500ml


Origin : Morocco

Moroccan olive oil, first cold pressing 100% PURE

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