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Extra virgin olive oil par excellence.


100% pure extra virgin olive oil 500 ml. Store in a dry place, at room temperature away from light. It is thanks to an ancestral know-how, enriched with modern tools, that this olive oil presents this beautiful golden yellow color.


In the heart of the village of Tagante 35 km from Gou Eliminate in the region of Bouizakarne, South Morocco and far from the variety of superstructures. In a small family farm, you will find this extraordinary oil, which is known as (Tablouhte), a real Moroccan treasure.


What makes it special is how it is produced. Quite different from other types of olive oil, in fact, when the classic method of production consists in letting the fruit ferment before crushing it, the olives (Tablouhte) are picked (manually) only after their complete maturation. Then they are crushed and pressed the same day.

And today, Zayti is very proud to be able to share with you this exceptional product, this beautiful and unique olive oil, with an incredible taste. Olive oil (Tablouhte) is unlike anything you could taste before, rare and precious, its production is limited. So don't wait...order today!


Capacity  : 500ml / 50cl


Origin: Morocco

Doré olive oil from Morocco first quality cold pressing 500ml.

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