100% pure rose water 100ml 3.3 FL OZ


Boost the radiance of your skin and fight against imperfections, redness or dehydration thanks to our extraordinary certified organic serums and waters! Every day or as a cure, we quickly adopt this essential part of the face routine!


It is in May that these flowers deliver their intoxicating and delicious fragrance in the Valley of Roses, before being harvested . The pickers leave early in the morning during the month of May to harvest these flowers with a very fragrant scent whose reputation is well established.




  • Without preservatives
  • Completely natural
  • 100% pure
  • 100% natural
  • Balances pH
  • Without chemicals
  • Not tested on animals
  • Rose water Moisturizing and anti-aging. After removing make-up, before your day or night care, it is a real pleasure of application thanks to the softness of the product, to its fresh smell. In terms of effectiveness, it is a light moisturizer enriched with hyaluronic acid that harmonizes the complexion.

Suggested use



apply to clean face as a natural toner to balance pH and close pores. Spray on the body to nourish and soothe the skin.


Hair care :


use as a hair toner by applying it to the scalp before showering or adding it to shampoo.


Other ingredients


100% pure, organic, natural Moroccan rose water



store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. It is recommended to place in the refrigerator.


External use only. Store away from flame and excessive heat. Keep out of the reach of children.


For hair care: rinse the hair with cosmetic water after washing the hair, or spray on the hair during the day. After that, your hair will be smooth and shiny, easy to comb and gain a slight delicate aroma.


  • As a toning and cleansing lotion: apply to face and neck with a cotton towel, 2 - 3 times a day.

Just spray rose water on the face, repeat the procedure as often as necessary can be applied before or after makeup.


  • - 100% natural product
  • - Has regenerative and rejuvenating properties: slows down the aging process
  • - Improves the elasticity of the skin, regulates the balance of the skin and its moisture
  • - Has an anti-inflammatory action normalizes the secretion of sebum
  • - Provides an attifant effect and a smoothing of the skin promotes a healthy complexion
  • - Perfect for the skin around the eyes




Storage: Store the bottle in this box in a dark and cool place.

Origin: Morocco


Rose Water from Morocco, 100% Pure & Natural - Spray 100 ml.