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Amlou Revisit with argan oil, orange honey &  Roasted cashews.

A delicious and captivating blend of roasted cashews, orange tree honey, argan oil  and nothing else…

Tasty &  healthy, warm and gourmet is what will make your taste buds travel.

100% HEALTHY, Ideal for recharging your batteries.

A real energy bomb rich in vitamins E, antioxidants, omega 9 and 6 and proteins.


Amlou is a Berber culinary preparation from the region of (Souss) in Morocco. It consists of argan oil, peanuts or almonds or cashew nuts, and orange honey.

It is a 100% natural fortifier,  which is served for breakfast or as a snack as a spread on barley, corn or wheat bread, Batboute (Moroccan bread) or on msemen, begriir (Crepes with a thousand), we can also prepare cakes with amlou ...

It is usually consumed with breakfast or after a meal, especially with tea.

It is also excellent to spread on bread (semolina pancakes) as well as traditional pancakes.


Our favorite way to eat it is with pita bread or a French baguette at Café Au Lait. Amlou is commonly used by some Berber tribes in Morocco for baking. It was consumed by the nomads who crossed the desert.


It is also a famous aphrodisiac which is traditionally kept in the bedroom of those who can afford it and is often considered a very special wedding gift for the newlyweds.


Capacity: 300g

Free wooden Amlou spoon.

Condition: New

Made in France.

Cashew nut amlou in 100% natural argan oil 300g

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