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Mad Honey from Turkey (Organic) - 100% Pure Rhododendron Honey - Premium Organic Mad Honey from Turkey"

This rare honey is harvested by intrepid beekeepers who brave the bear-filled forests in the Kaçkar Mountains overlooking the Black Sea in Turkey. Rhododendron flowers produce a potent neurotoxin called grayanotoxin.

If bees feed on enough rhododendron nectar, the reddish, cloudy honey they produce gives off a pungent scent, bitter taste and high.

Mad Honey takes its name from its intoxicating properties, coming from the grayanotoxin contained in the nectar of rhododendron flowers.

This exceptional honey is characterized by its dark color and its typical bitter aftertaste.

Used in alternative medicine, Mad Honey is known to treat stomach aches, intestinal disorders, hypertension and sexual dysfunctions.

Its medicinal use in Türkiye dates back to 2100 BC. BC, and it is usually consumed just before breakfast as a traditional remedy for impotence and hypertension.

Our Turkish Mad Honey, with a dark, reddish color, is known locally as "charcuterie" in Black Sea Turkey.

Contains grayanotoxin, a natural neurotoxin from rhododendron nectar, which causes hallucinations, even in small amounts. We sell Turkish Mad Honey that is laboratory tested for grayanotoxin levels for proper dosage.

Origin: Türkiye

Crazy Honey (Organic) from Türkiye - 100% Pure - Rhododendron Honey

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